The Jacket Story

The unifying concept of the collection is the hand-tailored jacket: ten individual pieces reconstructed from a classical and timeless base of masculine tailoring... inspired by research into 18th-century costume history. These pieces, crafted in pure wool, evoke the Scandinavian depth of restrained design, the liberty and poetry of 18th-century France, drawing their finishing strokes from an eternal youth and a contemporary mixture of tomorrow.
The inspiration to concentrate exclusively on the jacket arose from her early fascination for the masculine jacket and its history, which for the designer presents the most essential and only truly needed piece the modern heroine needs in her wardrobe... an admiration springing from a specially chosen jacket from the designer’s grand-father. From her early teens until recently—her best moments were always spent in that black wool jacket with its golden lining. Once this treasure wore out, she had to begin tailoring her own collection.